TOEFL Independent Writing



Restatement of the question




Supporting idea 1 + examples

Supporting idea 2 + examples

Supporting idea 3 + examples




Restatement of the thesis




  • be one paragraph (three to five sentences);

  • include the restatement of the question;

  • include the points that will be discussed in the main body.


DO NOT try to say everything in the introduction, save the ideas and examples for the main part of your essay.

DO NOT start with a too general statement, make it more specific, thus it would be easier to structure the following information.



  • be one to three paragraphs;

  • each paragraph will be opened with a topic sentence which states the main idea of the paragraph;

  • each paragraph will have specific examples, good reasoning and other details;

  • each paragraph will have logical connections between the statements and transitions between ideas.


  • be one paragraph (three to five sentences);

  • include the restatement of the thesis in different words;

  • include the summary of your main points;

  • include a consideration of the opposite opinion and/or a recommendation.


DO NOT use the same words and expressions in your conclusion which you used in your introduction.

DO NOT introduce new ideas or concepts in your conclusion – they should belong to the main body.

Transitional Words and Phrases





Supposedly, my school has a definite sum of money to enlarge the stock and the officials have to decide whether to buy computers for students or books for the library. It is not easy for the direction to determine what is more important for the school. I think that computers and books are both very useful, but each of these things has own advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, buying computers is a good idea. In our twenty-first technological century these electronic devices are in common use. At present it is difficult to picture humans’ lives without computers. People use them everywhere – in supermarkets, in public transport, in banks. Of course, at schools and universities students also can’t imagine their studies without using computers. Computers at school are applied most of all at Informatics classes, Programming classes and Computer Design classes. For example, at my school I have only Informatics classes, but computers we use are quite old and operation systems usually work slowly. So, it takes a lot of time to create programs on such devices. If the direction chooses to buy new computers for my school, the students will make their programs more quickly and, hence, will learn much more information.

On the other hand, books for the library are very necessary. At school all students use textbooks at different lessons, such as Literature, Russian, History, and Mathematics. It is known, that from books students get much more information than from lectures and teachers’ explanations. A teacher can only help understand the material you get from books clearly. As an example, if you don’t know elementary mathematics principles you can’t do the sums, and in this situation teacher can’t help you. So, we can see that books are very important, more important than computers because books are the main source of information for all students.

In conclusion, I would recommend the direction of my school to purchase books for the library because students’ education is impossible without textbooks and other useful literatu

(The material is taken from our collection of the students’ essays with the consent of the author)

TOEFL Independent Writing Topics

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