Decide if these sentences are correct or incorrect

(Определите, правильные предложения или неправильные)

Put these sentences in the correct order

(Поставьте слова в предложении в правильном порядке)

Write the question for these statements:

(Задайте вопрос к данному предложению)

Change these sentences from positive to negative:

(Поставьте предложения в отрицательную форму)


Read the text. Do not use a dictionary.

(Прочтите текст, не пользуясь словарем)

Sixteen years ago, Charles was a college professor with a huge six-bedroom house and a fortune of $2 million. Today he lives in a small caravan where there is only second-hand furniture. There are certainly no signs that Charles was a rich man! There is a small garden outside with a few fruit trees. Charles grows some vegetables and a few flowers. He gets his clothes and a lot of other things from charity shops.

But this change is not a tragedy. Charles was happy to give up the lifestyle of a rich man. He was tired of being a person who had everything in a world where many people have nothing. He made the choice to give all his money away. And this, he says, has brought him happiness.

“A few years ago,” says Charles, “I was a millionaire, but I knew there were a lot of hungry people in the world.” So he gave away all his money to charities. When he had two thousand dollars left, he gave away small bank notes in the streets of local poor areas. Did he feel like Father Christmas? “It was a lot of fun,” says Charles.

Charles believes that many people want to earn a lot of money so that they will not have any worries. However many people never make much money. Charles Grey decided to drop out and has discovered that having only a little money makes you free. Are there any things he misses? “No, I’m much happier now. I wouldn’t go back to being rich for anything – no way.”

Mark these sentences YES , NO or DON’T KNOW:

(Отметьте предложения «Да», «Нет», «Не знаю»)

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