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Songs and Learning English

The usage of songs while learning a foreign language can be a very useful tool. It can help us avoid daily routine of grammar rules and boring exercises, it can become a great motivator for those students who are not that brilliant at mastering the barren language. Remember yourself muttering a line or two from a popular song no matter what language it is in. You copy the rhythm, the melody and the words just as you’ve heard them. What if you make an effort and find the lyrics, learn the lines and try to understand what the song is about? No doubt your language skills will only benefit from this. You can acquire new vocabulary, identify familiar grammar constructions and of course while repeating you practise your pronunciation.

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Learning Exotic Languages as a Hobby

The selection of foreign languages for learning today is really phenomenal. Only a decade ago it was rather difficult to find a qualified teacher of a language unless it was English, German or French, but nowadays we are welcome to choose any language from not very popular ones like Polish and Norwegian to extremely exotic Chinese or Arabic. Motivation of people who begin to learn English is quite clear, but why some of us complicate their life with Chinese or Finnish is a question.

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