Commonly misused nouns

Property in Greece

Choose the correct word to complete the sentence


  • luxury/fortune
  • Celebrities are often engaged in advertising goods, like expensive cars, jewelry, etc.

    He made a substantial selling property in Greece.

  • ambition/obsession
  • You can play a game or two, but don’t let it become an .

    Have you always had a burning to start your own business?


  • resolution/decision
  • We are going to learn how to make a quick and evaluate risks.

    The was approved by a majority.

  • selection/election
  • They are planning to make a careful of volunteers for this event.

    The next presidential in the USA is due to be on November 6th , 2012.

  • retirement/resignation
  • In some countries age is different for men and women.

    We would like you to write a letter where you let us know your reasons for leaving the company.

  • elimination/exception
  • Their program is devoted the of iodine deficiency among youngsters.

    The rule applies to everyone, you are no .

  • relationship/attitude
  • The towards women in some countries really turns me off.

    This study concerns interpersonal within a group of people working together in the enclosed space.

  • disadvantage/hardship
  • The unemployed suffer severe financial .

    There is a serious to marriage – you lose a great deal of your freedom.

  • allowance/permission
  • Given a weekly children can master money management skills.

    The company got a from the city council to built an apartment block.

  • consciousness/awareness
  • Officials try to raise people’s about the environmental issues.

    But for John she would have fallen when she lost .


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