Phrasal Verbs LOOK

Suggested level is Intermediate

  1. My mother ____________ the kids when I am at work.
    looks for
    looks up to
    looks after

  2. My father has always been a role model for me. I've ____________ him since I was a child.
    looked down on
    looked up to
    looked forward to

  3. We're ____________ going on holiday. We'll have the time of our lives in Greece!
    looking up to
    looking down on
    looking forward to

  4. What are you ____________ ? – I can't find my car keys.
    looking for
    looking after
    looking ahead

  5. "Never ever ____________ on people!" – my Mom used to teach me. - "Everyone deserves respect."
    look to
    look down
    look back

  6. You'll need ____________ several years if you want to make profit of your business.
    to look forward
    to look ahead
    to look after

  7. Enjoy every minute of your life and never ____________ on what is gone.
    look back
    look to
    look ahead

  8. ____________ it that it doesn't happen again.
    Look to
    Look for
    Look ahead

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