Jobs and Occupations

Suggested levels are Elementary and Pre-Intermediate

  1. A builder is someone ...
    who comes to your house to fix the pipes.
    who builds your house.
    who designs your house.

  2. A personal assistant (PA) is someone ...
    who counts the boss's money.
    who helps the boss plan the meetings.
    cooks dinner for the boss.

  3. A chef is ...
    the head of the police department.
    the boss of a company.
    the main cook in a restaurant.

  4. A flight attendant is someone ...
    who often travels by plane.
    who helps you when you are on board the plane.
    who sells you a ticket for the flight.

  5. A trainee is ...
    an instructor in sport.
    a person who helps passengers on the train.
    a young specialist who has to learn a lot about the job.

  6. A holiday maker is ...
    the owner of the hotel.
    a person who sells you a tour.
    a person who goes traveling.

  7. A general practitioner (GP) is ...
    a doctor who will send you to a specialist after a general check.
    a young specialist who comes to the company after the university.
    a general manager of the company.

  8. A hairdresser is a person ...
    who can cut your hair.
    who can make a dress for you.
    who can help you choose a dress in a shop.

  9. A receptionist is a person ...
    who takes your money and gives you a receipt in a supermarket.
    who takes your order and brings you food in a restaurant.
    who answers phone calls and welcomes visitors.

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