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Suggested level is Intermediate

  1. She's got a great sense of humor, ___________
    doesn't she?
    isn't she?
    hasn't she?

  2. You couldn't do me a favor, ___________
    couldn't you?
    could you?
    didn't you?

  3. Jim doesn't look well tonight, ___________
    does he?
    doesn't he?
    has he?

  4. There was a lot of traffic, ___________
    isn't there?
    was there?
    wasn't there?

  5. They'd never met before, ___________
    had they?
    did they?
    hadn't they?

  6. He shouldn't have lost his temper, ___________
    shouldn't he?
    should he?
    has he?

  7. Let's go out tonight, ___________
    don't we?
    will we?
    shall we?

  8. Someone has called, ___________
    hasn't he?
    doesn't he?
    haven't they?

  9. I'm late again, ___________
    am I?
    aren't I?
    am not I?

  10. Look! There's nowhere to hurry, ___________
    is there?
    isn't there?
    isn't it?

  11. He won't mind if I borrow his pen, ___________
    will he?
    won't I?
    don't I?

  12. Don't do that again, ___________
    don't you?
    do you?
    will you?

  13. We have to deal with this problem, ___________
    do we?
    don't we?
    haven't we?

  14. You weren't listening to the instructor very carefully, ___________
    were you?
    weren't you?
    did you?

  15. So, this is your new house, ___________
    isn't it?
    is this?
    isn't this?

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