Use of Infinitives

Suggested level is Advanced

  1. Planes seem _______________ stronger winds at present, and can face even more turbulence, according to research led from Reading University, UK.
    to have encountered
    to be encountering
    to be encountered

  2. The winds are likely _______________ more strongly and the Earth's climate is prone to more instabilities.
    to be blowing
    to be blown
    to have been blowing

  3. North Korea has warned foreigners in South Korea _______________ evacuation measures in case of war.
    to take
    to have taken
    to be taken

  4. In the event of war, we don't want foreigners living in South Korea _______________.
    to be hurting
    to hurt
    to get hurt

  5. Today the government claims _______________ utmost efforts to protect people's lives and ensure their safety.
    to be making
    to be made
    to have been made

  6. According to intelligence analysis of North Korea's missile movements, it is believed _______________ preparations for a launch.
    to be completed
    to have completed
    to have been completed

  7. Thirteen people are reported _______________ in Serbia after a man went on a gun rampage in a village near Belgrade.
    to have been killed
    to have killed
    to kill

  8. The suspect is said _______________ redundant last year.
    to make
    to have made
    to have been made

  9. The inauguration of Kenyan President is reported _______________ by thousands of people at a stadium in the capital, Nairobi.
    to witness
    to have witnessed
    to have been witnessed

  10. Lady Thatcher was Conservative prime minister from 1979 to 1990. She was the first woman _______________ the role.
    to hold
    to be held
    to be holding

  11. The funeral of Baroness Thatcher has been announced _______________ place next Wednesday, 17 April.
    to take
    to have taken
    to have been taking

  12. Nationwide elections in Mali are due in July, by which time France wants its troop presence _______________.
    to have been halved
    to be halving
    to have been halving

  13. Advertisement companies are preoccupied with the fact that banner ads and pop ups online often tend _______________.
    to ignore
    to be ignored
    to be ignoring

  14. When a consumer watches a TV show they seem _______________ 'defensive' against advertising as they might be with advertising online.
    not to be
    not to have been
    to not be

  15. Many entrepreneurs happen _______________ for innovation in the wrong places and pursuing new product design ineffectively.
    to look
    to be looking
    to have looked


The material is adapted from BBC news.

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